Friday, December 21, 2012

I Callifi - Col Vento Nei Capelli

I Callifi - Col Vento Nei Capelli/Felicita, Sorriso E Pianto –Cetra SPD 660 (1973 Italy)

I Callifi hailed from Florence and after tasting success with several commercial pop singles in the 60s, they went all proggy in the 70s. Culled from their Fiore Di Metallo LP, Col Vento Nei Capelli (with the wind in your hair) is a sprightly upbeat affair sporting a killer riff and some great over the top moog. The vocals are as Italian as you expect them, but not too far removed from William’s Gulliver  . This single was promo only and did not receive a full release. Is it Glam, is it Bonehead, is it Prog? Well a bit of all the above actually, but the B side is pure wank….

Hear a full version of Col Vento Nei Capelli

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Anonymous said...

Great tune. Love the moog.