Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cherry Slush –I Cannot Stop You

Cherry Slush –I Cannot Stop You/ Don´t Walk Away - Cornet ‎5006 (1968 German issue)

Although a bit earlier and better known than the usual fair future featured here, I just love this track too much not to post it. Also with Dick Wagner’s recent passing, it’s nice to remember him as more than just half the twin leads on Rock n’ Roll Animal or Welcome to My Nightmare. The Slush came out of Saginaw (MI) and had the chance to hook up with Dick somewhere between his Bossmen and Frost Days. I Cannot Stop You apart from being a great tune, features a wonderfully original production, elevating it beyond typical Garage/Psych stuff into a drone infused commercial outing that deserved more than it local success. Read more about The Cherry Slush here:

  Hear a full version of I Cannot Stop You

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