Friday, April 12, 2024

Den Bosch Record Fair April 2024 - Day 1


So here we go again...

I arrived yesterday (Thursday) and made a quick visit to the outdoor fair at Utrecht (highlight The French Screaming Lord Sutch EP and lunch at Five Guys)

Then took a 2nd train to Brabant.

I picked up quite a bit today, mainly good deals, o I spent less than usual for a Friday and also walked less. (16.000 steps instead of over 20.000)

The biggest surprise was a whole bunch of South African Beat

The expected Glam/Junkshop/Proto Punk

The Bill Case is NUTS (The Trems)

US Sixties

60s Mix

Oh and a few sleeves. Worryingly the stall had boxes of singles and 2 boxes of sleeves - I went straight to the sleeve boxes while having a hot flush...

I think today had a certain subdued consistency. Let's see if things go ape-shit-bonkers -crazy tomorrow...

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