Friday, May 27, 2011

Next –Hard Time

Next –Hard Time/ Caught in The Doorway/High Degree –Radar –RDR 001(1976 France)

Proudly proclaiming “English Rock ‘n Roll” on its sleeve, Next were probably a bunch of unknowns stranded in France when their van broke down and  who somehow ended up in a French recording studio to record these three tracks. Hard Times starts promisingly with yet another (this time verbal) proclamation of “Rock N’ Roll”...The track is a good enough straight rocker, but it plods a bit although the vocals are nice n’ sleazy...Think of a tired Streak in need of refreshments. Caught in The Doorway ups the tempo, but only really gets really gets going by the 2nd lead break and then comes across like a Flamingo outtake...Not at all bad. The meat and most of the potatoes in fact reside on the B side with High Degree, which goes on for 6’35 but is proto punk enough in a Radio Birdman kind of way to justify it length. In fact this single plays at 33.3rpm to contain all three tracks... Who were these guys? Colin and Alan Rosier, Dave Hinksman, Phil Ward?

Hear full versions of Hard Time and Caught in The Doorway

Hear a full version of High Degree


Collin said...

Ha this 38 Special?

Robin Wills said...

Keep yer southern routes to yourself partner...

Anonymous said...

Possibly the same band?

"THE NEXT BAND were a Hard Rockin' trio formed in Grantham, Lincolnshire who released the four song "Four By Three" EP in 1978 on the Gannet Records label.
The band eventually splintered with members plying their trade with other musicians, (including a spell where drummer Frank Noon played with DEF LEPPARD), before eventually regrouping having changed their name to RED ALERT, and releasing the single "Run To The Ground", in 1982 on Steel City Records.
Due to contractual problems with the new name, the band then changed their name again to WILD FIRE.
To reflect the name change, there were stickers with the name Wildfire pasted over the Red Alert credits of later copies of the single.
Drummer Frank Noon and bassist Rocky Newton teamed up with ex-TYGERS OF PAN TANG vocalist Jess Cox and former IRON MAIDEN guitarist Dennis Stratton to form LIONHEART, but before long Noon left to join WILD HORSES, later playing with STAMPEDE and WAYSTED. Next Band guitarist John Lockton was also part of WILD HORSES for a spell and was later in the ranks of VICTORY.
After Lionheart, Newton would go on to play with MACAULEY SCHENKER GROUP and MIDNIGHT."

Contrast & compare:!download|704tl4|265651203|THE_NEXT_BAND_-_Four_By_Three_EP__UK-1978_.rar|19953|R~427E7E99951ED83973B2126C8C08157A

Robin Wills said...

I was thinking about a connection, but the band member names don't tally. The 2 brothers played different I guess it's a "NO"

PHILL WARD said...

well, well, well, the group NEXT who toured around France in 1975 under the name WHAT ALICE SAW NEXT met up with Phill WARD in 1976 at toulouse and became NEXT.We toured for about 18 months all over france
festivals,concerts etc, with our green old BBC television van,and met and played with many french artists,Telephone,Bijou,Little bob story..etc.The band split middle 1977 when Phill left the band,becase being manager and musician was too much to handle.Nobody seemed to be interested in managering the band Colin stayed in toulouse with his french wife,his brother Alan moved to sweden and Dave the 2nd guitarist moved back home to Henley nr london.Phill is now living at Mayotte for a couple of years. Thank you for your welcome interest, Rock n roll.

Unknown said...

hello purepop.Thanks for What you are doing finding lost Soul that made a record and did´nt get anywhere
The Bands name as phill Said was called, What alice saw next and we were in to our own psychdelic music, like gong or steve hillage ,flying teapots, mushrooms,californian sunshine and hamp . after some months rehearsal we took to the road in our bbc van alice towards france stopping at nightclubs on our way down south
enjoying just being free and playing our music. The band then was
Alan Rosier Bass, lead vocals, Dave Hinksman Guitar, Steve Rosco Guitar ,and my twin brother Colin Rosier Drums, rob and pete sound man and roadi .Steve left us for love with a girl in england and in toulouse we found phill .There we changed our name to NEXT and started to play rock music ,The record was recorded live in one day on a four track mono, realy nice to hear the old songs again after nearly 37years
yours sincerly Alan Rosier

Robin Wills said...

Thanks for contributing Alan All the best Robin