Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Bungi –Numbers

Bungi –Six Days on The Road/ Numbers –Earthquake EQ 101 (1972 US)

Heavy Rock/ Bonehead trio formed in Wisconsin by future Starz and Stories guitarist Richie Ranno. The A side is an OK version of Six Days on The Road, but it’s the B side where the action is. It’s a gritty performance with a meaty fat bass, crunchy guitar and growly vocals; the track comes across like a bit like a gutter version of Steppenwolf. Six Days on The Road was also issued on Target with another B side “Turk’s Squeal”, but I don’t know which came first. 

Hear a full version of Numbers


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Anonymous said...

As someone who came of age in the early 70s, I'm assuming by"numbers," they mean "joints." (What'd they call them in the UK?) Not that there's any great need to read too much into the lyrics. I love this stuff.

Anonymous said...

"Numbers", "Spliffs", "Joints", "Doobies", "Reefers" etc.
The names are/were pretty much the same here as in the USA.
It seems dope smokers here didn't bother inventing names for their smoking accoutrements, they just borrowed the pre-existing US terminology.
Seems a bit lazy doesn't it?
I'd taken "Numbers" in Bungi's case to mean joints too.
Thanks for the upload, i thought i knew of all the Starz history, but i'd missed this somehow.
Nice tune, Ranno's guitar is (as always) storming.
Is the flip-side of the Bungi record any good Robin?
Maeve Lombardo.

Robin Wills said...

The A side is bog standard...ok no more, no less