Sunday, October 21, 2012

Which is The Coolest?

Now which is coolest? The poster for the last Hollywood Stars gig featuring the first live appearance  from a three piece Runaways (Sans Cherrie) or the German Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army poster (in the background)? Photo by Roberto Calabrò


paul k. said...

Holy crap! Where'd that Captain Groovy postet come from?! WANT

Anonymous said...

I prefer the one with The Runaways on it.


Maude Lange said...

Oh the nostalgia . . . I was at the Stars/Runaways show at the Whisky. It wasn't actually the Stars last show - more like the first show for the second version of the band. The original Hollywood Stars - with a different singer, song & sound - were Whisky stalwarts about 2 years earlier. The guitarist posted a few of the orig. version's songs on his website, including King of the Nighttime World (later covered by KISS) and the lilting, lyrical Supermen Are Always Gentlemen. If only.