Thursday, October 18, 2012

For Sale: 45 singles and 2 LPs on ebay

To achieve perfect sense of symmetry I’ve just listed 45 x 45s on ebay. Yes 45 essential singles along with 2 LPS. Including the great Eric Elder single

All 45s have sound clips, so pop along, have a listen and bid if you feel that way inclined!
You can find the singles here:
Singles (and 2 LPs) on ebay

Here’s the full list

HAMMER- Hitchcock’s Lullaby –The RAREST Dutch GLAM single (1974)
Chris Neal –Mr. Leather and Velvet –GLAM Rock Classic (1973)
Brats –Keep On Doin…NY Proto PUNK Glam 1976 1st issue
Smith & Weston –A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues –Raw Crunchin’ GLAM –Demo 1973
Imperial Dogs –This Ain’t The Summer of Love-Proto Punk- Blue Oyster Cult
STEPSON –It’s My Life/ Rude Attitude –Bonehead Cruncher Proto Punk 1974
Flamin’ Groovies –Slow Death RARE-German Pic Sleeve 1972
Bang -Questions/ Future Shock -Great US HARD ROCK 1972
Hammersmith Gorillas –You Really Got Me - Top Proto Punk-German pic sleeve
Appaloosa -Saved By Rock & Roll -Velvets -US HARD ROCK Bonehead 1973
Douglas –The Monkey Song - Killer Heavy BUBBLEGUM/Glam 1974
Frog -Monie Monie -French GLAM 1976
Tartan Horde -Bay City Rollers, We Love You -Nick Lowe -1975
Rockmore Williams -It Was Her -Stomping UK GLAM Demo 1973
Stonebridge -1976 –RARE US Bonehead Cruncher HARD ROCK
Mabel –Look In Her Eyes –Crunching Danish GLAM 1975
Snapp – Cheat, Cheat –Great 60s GIRL GROUP Recreation 1974
Whizz Kidds –Sweet Honey/Big Teaser –Hard US Powerpop 1977
Donnydale-Thank Goodness For The Rain/ Oh Yeah - Obscure Powerpop BIG STAR
Truth & Beauty -Tuff Little Surfer Boy -ROCKY HORROR - RAK 181
Parklane -The Party -Dutch PUNK/ GLAM THUG Cruncher 1977
Ken Khury-Baby Doll –Sleazy Junkshop GLAM 1975
Mother Trucker –Tonight -Hard Female GLAM Cruncher 1974
Ramma Damma –Legendary Killer GLAM Weirdness -1974
Tracey Dean –Moonshiner –GLAM Stomper 1974-Moroder
Stephen -Right on Running Man -Hard GLAM Cruncher-Japanese issue 1974
Alan Blakley –Lost Without You/ Gimme Rock ‘n’ Roll –Great GLAM 2-sider
Tiger -Crazy-Great Danish GLAM -Marc Bolan 1974
Crescent Street Stompers –Louie Louie/Having a Party –Bonehead HARD GLAM
Ted Mulry Gang -Jump in My Car -Chris Spedding - German picture sleeve
Eric Elder –SUNFLOWER /San Tokay Uncomped MOD Psych Dancer Demo
Jon Symon –Silver Star- Killer PROTO PUNK/GLAM
Neil Christian – She’s Got The Power -Top FUZZ GLAM monster
Dahcotah - Too Easy To Love –Mott The Hoople-US GLAM 1976
Children of The Morning –Hey America America –Protest PSYCH Groover
Turnpike - Big Machine –Haunting Psych/GLAM 1974
Troggs –Strange Movies –Hard FUZZ sleaze Classic 1974
Troggs –The Raver –FUZZ Cruncher 1970 –German pic sleeve
Streak –Gonna Have A Good Time –Hard GLAM Classic - 1972 Test pressing
Wellington –Swoop Down on You -UK Junkshop Glam STOMPER 1975
Purple Avalanche -Oh-Bah-Um-Dee-Dum Obscure 1969 BUBBLEGUM Killer
Rattles - Mr...Keep Your Hands off My Sister -Overlooked KILLER 60s Psych
Equals -Stand Up and Be Counted -Hard Fuzz Stomper 1972
Jamie Lyons Group –Gonna Have A Good Time-EASYBEATS-MOD Dancer

And 2 LPs:

BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL. 1 - 14 loud 'n heavy proto-punk obscurities from the USA BONEHEAD CRUSHERS (Crunchers) VOL.2 14 Demented Fuzz-Faced Monsters from the USA

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