Saturday, October 06, 2012

Allentown Day 2

Day 2:
After waking up at 4am, I went to Double Decker records whch is an amazing store although more geared towards LPs. They seem to get new stock including many hot items quite frequently and the place was buzzing. I nearly picked up the Fickle Pickle LP, but didn't which I may regret...

                                          Double Decker

Then onwards to the main dealer hotel. Around 10-15 rooms with open doors full of records and my god, I picked up some great stuff including more well known titles such as The Squires and Chocolate Watch Band. It's hard to resist once you've held a particular record you always wanted in your hands.
Anyhow a good haul so far and the record fair hasn't even started yet!

Apart from the setting of the record dealing at the hotels, it must be stressed just how friendly and helpful everyone has been. Not any of the snootiness one can sometimes associate with serious dealers...Oh and just probably had the best chinese buffet ever.

Tomorrow, ETA for the record fair 7:15am

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