Friday, October 10, 2014

Canadian Satanists on the rampage: Morse Code Transmission –Satan’s Song vs. Merriday Park -Witchcraft

Morse Code Transmission –Cold Society/Satan’s Song-RCA SPCS-45-116 (1972 Canada)
Merriday Park –Witchcraft/My Shady Friend –Columbia C4-2942 (1970 Canada)

Two major label Canadian outings screaming to be untied from the stake…Quebec’s Morse Code Transmission were more from the Proggy side of the spectrum, but on this non-album B side they let all hell loose with some near Proto Metal machinations and silly vocals. Ontario’s Merriday Park released 3 Heavy Psych singles with prominent organ, but here on their second single they added a fun line in exploitation groovy-ness to their brew (Evil’s black, hairy black… )!

Hear full version of Satan’s Song and Witchcraft

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the correct lyrics are "Evil's back, hair is black..." GKD