Thursday, March 06, 2014

Clapham Junction –Emily on Sunday

Clapham Junction –Emily on Sunday/Good Time Music –Du Monde SDM-309 (1970 Australia)

Emily on Sunday is a classic piece of Aussie Freakbeat/Powerpop with crashing Who-like powerchords and Anglophile inflexions similar in approach to what the Raspberries would emulate later on. It’s not a full frontal assault, but a great performance making all the right melodic noises. Clapham Junction were from Sydney and this was their sole release with singer James Willebrant then moving on to Toby Jug. Emily on Sunday is backed an OK cover the Katz/Kasenetz workhorse Good Time Music

Hear a full version of Emily on Sunday

Hear a full version of Good Time Music

Here's a nice clipping provided by Robyn Cahill (Tony's (Purple Hears/Easybeats) sister)


George said...

I have never seen this ever in all the years I've been collecting. I live in a strange country.

Jan said...

I had this single but lent it to a girl at school and I never got it back from her! My friend Mary-Anne and I loved Clapham Junction and saw them a few times at Hornsby Police Boys Club around 1969 and proceeded to make absolute pests of ourselves by dropping in to see the boys at their homes and taking them presents! We were only 14 and the lads were absolute gentlemen thank goodness but we did love Jim, Peter, Dave and Derek!

Ozzie Music Man said...

Thanks for this one never heard of them or the song but another great find, thanks :)