Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hog –Cop Killer

Hog –Cop Killer/Driving Pusing –You T579-422 (197? US)

This is probably one of the most basic, shambolic yet gripping slices of Bonehead you will ever find. The playing is just so…well crap, but somehow riveting, it’s just like watching a car crash, or in this case a band implode, in front of your eyes, well ears. COP KILLER!!!! Are these a bunch of bikers who had free time in a pal’s studio? Did they ever get to even rehearse this opus? With names “Jew” on lead guitar, ”Mad Dog” on bass, “Biggy” and “Sticks” on drums they give Peppermint Ridge a good run for their money and deserve your full attention. This is actually the B side to Driving Pusing (sic) a gooey piece of rambling stoner absurdness by what might be a different bunch of people. Ah those mysteries…

Hear a full version of Cop Killer

Hear a full version of Driving Pusing


Anonymous said...

This is truly epic.

Anonymous said...

Hi ! Look at Popsike 191 usd for this .... (don't know how to call that :o):
cheers ! didier/bbc

Anonymous said...

Totally Killer Post!! The band name, the CK "song" and it's execution....whoa!!!!