Friday, March 28, 2014

Rippa –Witches Brew

Rippa –Witches Brew/Same –Rocky Coast Records RC 19762 (1976 US)

Here are the Galahad boys Gerry Morris and Tony Atkins on what must be the most obscure entry in their catalogue. Although a bit overblown; the production values apparent in Rocket Summer still linger. It is a strange Heavy Rock/Glam concoction, with a severe case of–“OK we have this new mixing desk and all this outboard –how far can we go? Oh that’s handy, there is a horn section in the next studio...” I suspect drugs and too much time to mix. Enjoy

Hear a full version of Witches Brew


Anonymous said...

Wow, this rules!

Anonymous said...

check out this one:

All the best
The Pantherman of Oslo

Robin Wills said... sounds like the same take. Makes sense as it's Tony Atkins. Another Mike Starr single as a different take of Electric Garden (Dawn Chorus) on the B side