Friday, July 26, 2013

Purgatory –Polar Expedition

Purgatory –Polar Expedition/Lost War –Purgatory 0559 (1970 US)

Purgatory were a Dayton (OH) high school band who got as far as releasing this single. In fact it sounds pretty advanced and well worked out considering this was their first commercially released recordings. There’s an undeniable Doors influence especially in Rick Fannin’s vocals, but we are not in Phantom (Capitol) ersatz Doors mode. Polar Expedition is the up-tempo side and has a Morrison Hotel feel whilst Lost War is a more atmospheric yet tuneful Psych Track. Purgatory were Rick Fannin (vocals), Robert Davis (guitar, Mike Parker (bass), Mark Carlton (organ) and Bruce Carper (drums)

Hear a full version of Polar Expedition

Hear a full version of Lost War

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