Monday, January 18, 2016

Ballyhoo –Lovemaker

Ballyhoo –Lovemaker/Paperback Love –Gallo PD 1070 (1975 South Africa)

The link between the Netherlands and its Boer descendants continued well into the Glam 70s, with several Bonnie St Clair tracks getting the SA treatment including Maria’s Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet and Jessica Jones’s Waikiki Man. Here it’s the turn of the storming Lovemaker by Heart (the NL one) to receive the South African treatment. The first difference is that we get male lead vocals replacing Patricia Paay’s vocals and that translates fine, the bum bum titty titty bum bum bum chant is still present and correct, however although the crunching and the stomping has been preserved, the performance here is not quite as wild and brash as the original This was the first single by Ballyhoo who then went on a more MOR trip including the hit Man in The Moon in the early 80s

Hear a full version of Lovemaker

Hear the original version here

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