Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Black Snake Regeneration - Where Ever You Want

Black Snake Regeneration - Where Ever You Want/Tree –Vedette Records 5016 (1971 Belgium)

Black Snake Regeneration are in fact Les Serpents Noirs a long standing Belgian combo from Liege who’s long journey from purveyors of Belgo-Twist in 62 through many stylistic changes continues to the present day.

So a lack of confidence in their own identify probably explains the use of a different moniker for this fascinating single. So where does it fit? Well hard to say, but it’s really bizarre. It starts with  strange lo-fi sounding percussion adds some pounding piano along with  the popsike vocal attempt then returns to the tribal chanting section and ends with some compressed lead and a weird "scratch" effect. What the hell were they trying to do?. It’s a one-off for sure, but a most enjoyable interlude to their career.

Hear a full version of Where Ever You Want

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