Friday, April 05, 2013

Youtah –Let Me Have It

Youtah –Let Me Have It/Good To Me –Revelation Records Ltd. AS 1029 (1974 US)

Another mystery group; this time purveying a welcoming blend of mid 70s Powerpop. Let Me Have It is the more intricate creation of the two. The song is both riff-heavy along with sporting lush vocal harmonies. The track, although going on a bit, twists and turns highlighting a range of different instrumentation. Good To Me is more straightforward and is closer to classic Titan Powerpop or what bands like Blue Ash or Circus may have been doing at the time. Revelation Records was an outlet for Appalachia Sound Recording studios in Chillicothe (OH) and appeared to have had quite an eclectic release policy.

Hear a full version of Let Me Have It

Hear a full version of Good To Me


Anonymous said...

Robin, as always, thanks for sharing these cool tunes.

Scott Hancock said...

ANY chance you can refresh the links to the Youtah tracks? My buddy Dave Spirk was in this band...the links don't seem to be working. Thanks!

Robin Wills said...

Sorry Scott, the sound clips I made were on my other laptop that has sadly passed on. Please give my best to Dave. I still have the single, but it would take me time (which I don't have right now) to dig it out