Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holiday Brown –One Way Street

Holiday Brown –One Way Street/Morning/Evening –Marjon Records MJ-700322 (1970 US)

Holiday Brown deliver a wonderfully Primitive Hard Rock/Garage single. One Way Street is very amateurishly recorded, but this gives an extra depth the proceedings. Of particular note is the bass drum sound, there is no definition, but the cavernous boom is most distinctive. The singer’s wails are drowned in reverb, whilst the guitar riffs along with some neat lead interjections, strange false ending as well. Morning/Evening is slightly more realized, although more of a Blues structure, the band break out from behind the format with hot sharp guitar parts and a doubling up of the tempo. Don’t know anything about the band; they were possibly from Pennsylvania or nearby Ohio.

Hear a full version of One Way Street

Hear a full version of Morning/Evening

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Anonymous said...

Hey Robin,
you're usually spot on with your picks, but this one just leaves me cold i'm afraid.
Horses for courses, and all that jazz.
Not my bag, but thanks for the opportunity to hear it.

Stanley Eisen