Saturday, April 13, 2013

Utrecht Record Fair April 2013 –Day 2

The 2nd day was a more relaxed affair, although some dealers were only displaying their wares for the first time today, so there was plenty of new stock to go through.

Apart from the usual bargains...

There were some top ticket items to be found and either

1)      Bought outright for cash

2)      Paid via PayPal by phone

3)      Or left behind to be mulled over until a new opportunity beckons

I couldn’t leave the building without a slice of Bonnie, especially when looking this fetching! (see above)

Novak’s Kapelle. This was a recent discovery for me and I now have their first 2 singles. Check out this very cool TV appearance


Some weird and wonderful heavy Fuzz US releases. and a killer Brazilian? Fuzz Monster

More unique Glam, I was unaware that these 2 great songs from Tears had appeared as a single. So will I ever find God Save the 45 in that format one day? The Monica Tornel is a great version of the NQB song

Next week, there is the London Olympia fair which is always a rather deflating experience after Utrecht, but then again what isn’t...




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