Saturday, April 20, 2013

Melodiers –Thinking of You

Melodiers –Thinking of You/Bein’ in Love –Pageant 131 -970 (197? US)

Where the world of song poems and Bonehead Crunchers collide…The unfortunate soul known as Yvonne M. Rioux sent off these heart-felt lyrics along with her cheque to get this paean to lost love put to music. She would surely get the love of her life back once he heard her masterpiece. Just imagine her excitement when the records finally arrived in the post, but then she played it…

The Melodiers were the house-band on The Tin Pan Alley/TPA label once the label had relocated to Florida, and Pageant was on an off-shoot label. For poor,Yvonne the band didn’t even bother changing chords during the song!!!. The singer clings on to the lyric sheet tighter than he does to any semblance of structure or tune, however the guitarist is quite inspired and truly lets rip underpinned by the Dee Dee Ramone drive of the bass. All in all it’s quite an overwhelming experience sitting through this performance, remembering they probably cut another 20 “tunes” during that session. The B side has some other deluded soul’s marriage proposal receiving a crooner delivery

Hear a full version of Thinking of You

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