Monday, April 29, 2013

Lenny Drake –Love Eyes (Cast Your Spell on Me)

Lenny Drake –Love Eyes (Cast Your Spell on Me)/(I’m A) One Woman Man –Rated X (for Excellence) Records 6969 (1970 US)

Now this is a hot one from 1970: Proto Punk, Garage, Bonehead…This single hits all the spots and then some; it really CUTS LOOSE! Love Eyes contains some of the most blistering guitar ever cut to vinyl and it’s no  dirge by any means as it’s a great tune with a real chorus. What makes this an even more remarkable release is that this appears to be a one man band operation all underpinned by a vintage drum machine!!! Weird and truly wonderful…The B side is also good but a more straightforward garage track with a rickety beat and fuzz; but without the edge of the A side. Lenny was the leader of a 60s Detroit area instrumental band Lenny and the Thundertones and is also the man behind the incredible This World (Is Closing In On Me) -Preston/Chris Carpenter. The man certainly loved using brackets in his song titles! More info on the web

Hear a full version of Love Eyes

Hear a full version of One Woman Man

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a demo. Could have been could if recorded properly.