Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Siglo XX –Cerca Del Rio

Siglo XX –Algo Que Nos Paso/Cerca Del Rio –Ariola 14.904 (1970 Spain)

Although there were several outfits sporting the same name, this single seems to be the only release by these Catalonian groovers. Although A side is pretty lame as it’s a cover of Chris Andrew’s Think It All Over, the B side is where it all happens. It’s a vibrant, heavy and infectious performance, with loud guitars enveloped in a great production wrap by Tony Ronald (Sigfried Andre Den Boer Kramer), just dig the cowbell and harmonies... The song sounds familiar (written by W. Erwin adapted A. Alpin) but I can’t place it. If any Spanish/Catalan brethren can help –please fill in the gaps

Hear a full version of Cerca Del Rio


Pepe Reggae said...

Es version de los Rockin' Foo - Rochester River.

Robin Wills said...

Aha...Thanks for the reminder