Monday, December 23, 2013

Norah –Nobody Gotta Be Home Tonight

Norah –Nobody Gotta Be Home Tonight/ Let’s Do It Again-Novalo NOX 229 (1974 Spain)

Let’s stay in Spain for this 2nd helping of screeching from crazed Argentine nutter Norah. You may remember the previous episode, if not go here  and return afterwards. Anyhow Nobody Gotta Be Home Tonight finds our punked out Chipmunk in fine fettle, balancing a tango based backing with awkward male backing vocals and other craziness…Just what were they thinking of? The B side is more straightforward and it’s a rousing piece of Quatro-inspired pounding Glam with scuzzy Moog, male waiter vocals and the usual vocal histrionics…Olé!

Hear a full version of Nobody Gotta Be Home Tonight

Hear a full version of Let’s Do It Again

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant single, both sides.