Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Suck –Aimless Lady

Suck –Aimless Lady/The Whip-Parlophone SPD 3027 (1971 South Africa)

With South Africa in the spotlight at the moment, here is another angle of kicking against the pricks with Hairy Freak mob SUCK. It seems that they had originally intended to replace the “S” with “F”, which would have curtailed their activities even further as Suck only recorded 1 LP (Time to Suck) in a 6 hour session and this was their only single. The album was mostly covers and the A side is the cover of a Grand Funk B side. It’s a wild and heavy affair and cranks up the power tenfold. The B side The Whip is the only band original and the heaviness reigns supreme with top lead guitars and tons of reverb. It’s a real shame the band disbanded after this without further any recordings as they would have been real heavy contenders on the international scene.

Read the story and interview here

Hear a full version of Aimless Lady

Hear a full version of The Whip


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it rocks...

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Here's a review I wrote a few years ago of the Suck LP reissue: