Monday, February 22, 2010

Confucius –Brandenburg Concerto (That’s What It Was)

Confucius –Brandenburg Concerto (That’s What It Was)/The Message –RCA 1923 (1970 UK)

Aaah –the joys of a simple ebay BIN! Produced by Tony Atkins (Galahad), Brandenburg Concerto is a joyful upbeat pop ditty and a prime example of UK Bubblegum at its best. Probably from Liverpool with a connection to The Cryin’ Shames (Ritchie Routledge was a member before he departed for Berlin and joined Blackwater Park). Not much else is known...but answers always seem to find their way to this blog...

Hear a full version of Brandenburg Concerto (That’s What It Was)


Anonymous said...

Confucius were a Liverpool band.The line-up of the band was Chris Findley, John Donaldson, Frank O Conner, and Ozzie Yue before they changed the name of the band to Confucius they were called The Hideaways.
Ritchie Routledge left The Hideaways before the name change and did not play on the record,he went over to Berlin and joined Blackwater Park

Robin Wills said...

Excellent -Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Hadnt heard this song in over 'forty years'! Frank is one of my younger brothers,.... and he is still very much involved with the 'MERSEY BEAT SOUND' even in 2013!!!