Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Train – You Make Me Feel Alright – Obscure US Fuzz Blaster (1969?)

The Train – (I Want) Sunshine/ You Make Me Feel Alright – Full Tone 45-1002 (US 1969?)

You Make Me Feel Alright features one of the meanest, scuzziest fuzz sounds around. The lead vocals appear sung through clenched teeth and buttocks and stink of moonshine and too much interference with the local poultry as a misplaced peck seems to aid in the attempt at a falsetto. The band plough this field of putridness with a wonderful lack of competence. Jesus where the hell has this single been hiding all my life? The closest comparison I can think of is the folly that is Dickens -Don't Talk About My Music.

The A side is a feeble attempt at being more commercial and making it to the big time, but once again they fail in sublime fashion. It’s a sunshine Bubblegum singalong, very similar in construction to its B side, charming but sadly missing the Fuzz.

The band was were from Aberdeen, South Dakota... (Thanks Bob for the info) The only other release on the label I could find was by Blue Prism who covered Sam & Dave’s Hold on (I’m Coming). Any more information out there?

Hear full version of both sides of the single


Bob said...

"The Purple Prism" were from Iowa (their address on label), but The Train were from Aberdeen, South Dakota. John Bomar leaded the band. Sunshine is a cover of The Jokers Wild who recorded the song on Peak Records in 1968. Some links: (The Jokers Wild) (John Bomar in The Chevelles)

Glad to help

Robin Wills said...

Thanks Bob. I was guessing the year of release was 1969 - Any idea of a confirmed year of release? Thanks

Bob said...

I cannot confirm the date of release, but 1969 is a good guess. The Estherville Daily News published in March 1969 an article on The Purple Prism band which says "the newly-formed Purple Prism". If Full tone 1001 is from 1969 at the earliest, it's a good chance the same goes for Full Tone 1002?