Monday, April 06, 2020

Mantis - (You’re My Cake) Amanda Blake – Obscure Aussie Psych (1969)

Mantis  - (You’re My Cake) Amanda Blake/Julie Julie -CBS BA-221704 (Aus 1969)

The descriptor nutty little cracker is surely fitting for this one…There’s a bit of Easybeats going on in the backing vocal parts, but the vocals and OTT exuberant delivery take this to a place just to the left of demented. The B side Julie Julie is more restrained, but also has a pretty weird and deranged vibe.
As far as I can work it out the recording is an off-shoot of Vyt and The World. when Vyt (Vyt Zvirzdinas) left performing to get into event production and promotion, the band re-named themselves Mantis and released this single. At the very least Mantis was comprised of ex The World founders Chris Eggleton (guitar) and Arthur “Dreamy” Watson (RIP). There is no link to the Mantis on Vertigo. 

PS: If anyone can help me locate copies of Vyt and The World's Little Timothy and Flower Children singles - please let me know!

Hear full versions of Amanda Blake and Julie Julie

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23 Daves said...

Brilliant! God, this single is obscure. The Electric Sound Show box set I have erroneously credits the other Mantis as responsible for this one.