Sunday, November 18, 2018

Utrecht Record Fair November 2018 - Day 3 (Final day)

So here I am at Schiphol Airport with the plane delayed for 30 minutes, so an opportunity to post about the last day. It looks like that on average, it has been a good trip after all. Today I picked up more Glamsters along with other singles of a more singular interest

I don't often buy records by German artists, but 2 great ones showed up. Toxic, as discovered via ugly Things released 2 singles in the late 60s. Horse and Director is an amazing tour-de-force

The Ones single has so many potential things wrong with it. Namely made by Germans, it has a link to Tangerine Dream -Edgar Froeser plus one dude is brandishing a flute on the cover plus the sleeves states that it is music for Hippies!!!!!

However have a listen, it's a great Popsike track

The last record I picked up is a real stunner...and it will be showing up on my next list

And yes I will be back next April, Brexit or no Brexit...

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