Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Cedric –I’m Leavin’/You Say You Love Her – Obscure US Hard Rock/ Proto Punk (1970)

Cedric –I’m Leavin’/You Say You Love Her –Derrick D -1888 (US 1970)

Yes here you have it - Cedric on Derrick…. The Derrick label was perhaps best known for issuing the Marble Phrogg LP. Out of Tulsa Oklahoma Cedric is in fact the beginnings of The Totty Brothers (Dennis and Byron) who later in the 70s released 2 Hard Rock albums as Totty, it’s especially their first self-titled one in 1977 that is really sought after. 

Here we go back to 1970 with drummer Roger Roden for these 2 amazing choppy loud and shambolic numbers at the cusp of late Garage with lashings of Proto Punk and  hints of Funk (yikes). It’s actually the B side You Say You Love Her that leads the way in terms of consistency of mission. The singer exhales the lyrics though the tightest of throats then around the 1 minute mark the drums let loose pushing the guitar into some kind of Hard Rock Little Johnny Jewel-like angular guitar slashes . The A side I’m Leavin’ side follows the same pattern, again just after the minute mark things get really wild and interesting. It seems that just 100 copies were pressed at the time (both documented copies have the label sides reversed) and it’s been a very hard one to track down. So here it is for your enjoyment…

More information on Totty here: http://tottybrothers.com/index.html

Hear a full version of You Say You Love Her

Hear a full version of I’m Leavin’

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Anonymous said...

There's also a third Totty release, an EP from 1993 entitled 'Rock-n-Okie Roll', but this one had them billed as The Totty Brothers, although it's exactly the same line up as recorded 'Too' & half of the 1st album as well.
There's a nice version of Jimi Hendrix's 'You Got Me Floatin'' on it, alongside 2 Totty originals.