Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Stig –Crazy Clown –Obscure Danish Glam 1974

Stig –Crazy Clown/Living Was For You and Me –Sonet T-7268 (1974 DK)

Stig is one Stig Kreutzfeldt who first came to prominence in Denmark as part of the Stig & Steen duo, but here he is in 1974 fronting a melodic Glam infused ditty, that takes on airs of grandiosity within its simple but effective mid-tempo crunching beat. It’s commercial, yet not irritatingly so, helped in some way by the fine production with some of the habitual Glam tricks and features of the time. Later in life, Stig would end up heading CBS in Denmark

Hear a full version of Crazy Clown

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