Monday, November 11, 2013

Pentagram –Under My Thumb (Acetate)

Pentagram –Under My Thumb (Acetate) Omega Recording Services (1973 US)

Apparently this copy is one of only three acetates made of Under My Thumb for initial radio play. The later 2-sided single release was limited to 200 copies and was their third release following Be Forewarned and Hurricane. Anyhow Macabre/Pentagram became much later known as inspirational doom merchants, however this 1973 recording finds Bobby Liebling and band showcasing a more commercial aspect to their art. Bobby’s startlingly pure yet edgy vocals along with the twirling lead and rough and ready riffing make this a stellar performance in my book; updating the song yet, keeping its original intent and feel. It is worth remembering that the band only really released their first LP in the 80s, however their early 70s recordings often achieve a perfect balance of Proto Punk with heavy rock leanings (even reminding me of the MC5 at times).

I highly recommend watching Last Days Here. The full film is linked below.

Rarely has a rock documentary shown the rock bottom in rock in such honest fashion yet been so moving. The difficult journey from Junkie pulchritude to a semblance of near normality is gutsy yet heart-warming, like a more hardcore version of the Roky Erickson documentary (You’re Gonna Miss Me)

Hear a full version of Under My Thumb

PS: If anyone can help with a copy of the regular issue of this single, please let me know

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