Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crushed Butler-Acetate –Love is Around Me/Factory Grime

Crushed Butler –Love is Around Me/Factory Grime –Emidisc Acetate (1970 UK)

Probably culled from Crushed Butler’s second demo session, these two tracks find Jesse Hector, Darryl Read (RIP) and Alan Butler at their raucous best and delivering one of the most essential examples of UK proto Punk. Love is Around Me is more melodic and might have been written by Glo Macari (Lou’s daughter) who strangely enough used those other Proto Punkers Slow Load on her Looking For Love single (1971). Factory Grime is a pure rough and ready bestial performance, like a wilder Third World War with Jesse at his most venomous. It’s all wonderful and inspirational stuff. I assume that these are the same takes and mixes as on the Uncrushed 10”, perhaps someone could confirm

Hear a full version of Love is Around Me

Hear a full version of Factory Grime


Hannes A. Jónsson said...

Glo Macari is Lou Macari's daughter?! Surely that can't be right. Unless you're not talking about the '70s footballer.

Robin Wills said...

In fact I got the first name wrong. It was one of these two brothers...Macari's Musical Instruments, established 1958 by brothers Larry and Joe Macari

david thomas said...

Mind talking a bit about Slow Load? Couldn't find any text about them on the internets. Thanks

Robin Wills said...

More info on Slowload here