Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Little Shopping Trip: Brussels

A late wake-up meant limited time available for Brussels, however, a few great finds which justify the madness, namely the Feather single and Stefan and The Wild Boys in its Belgian pic sleeve. An interesting one is the post Warhorse Nick Simper retake of Vanda & Young's St. Louis... didn't know about that one

The Collector shop was pretty useless. I am amazed how people without a clue or passion about music can run a collector shop, but I still found a few singles (including The Skid not pictured) and reasonably priced Nazz LPs (include a red vinyl Nazz Nazz). Most of the finds were at Jukebox which is quite a vibrant shop, on the verge of being expensive, however The Feather single slipped through!

Tomorrow (well later today), I will be checking out The Reading Record Fair (Berkshire), not expecting to find anything much as usual...

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