Friday, February 08, 2013

A Little Shopping Trip: Antwerp

It's Friday, so this must be Belgium. I had heard much about a couple of shops in Antwerp, so I finally went there today. The 2 shops Chelsea Records and Record Collector  both have a huge amount of stock, but whereas Chelsea's boxes are well organised and easy to enough to access (well you do need a step ladder for the top ones), Record Collector's 45 boxes are one on top of another and much of it is unsorted, so a bit of a daunting task. Chelsea Records is also much more friendly and has real soul. A wonderful place for the vinyl nut.

Anyhow picked up about 60 singles and 1 LP in about 3 hours of digging, including penty of spares for exchanges and a future ebay listing, some unknowns to discover and some old favourites -Dutch Butch Things (Billy Hamon), Slowload (Big Boobs Boogie) and much more, so have a squint and check out the stuff below...


            The North face of The Eiger (a wall featuring only 70s singles) at Chelsea Records

And 1 LP. The orginal German Decca issue of the 1st UFO. A nice copy and 10 times cheaper than the UK Beacon issue

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