Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mourning Son –Sit Down Honey

Mourning Son –Sit Down Honey/ Where is Tomorrow –Hellfire Records R-5114 SP (1972 US)

Local release by a unknown Harrisburg (PA) act. The A side is a RAW cover of the first Elf single, so it probably places the release date as 1972 and not as a sixties release as could be indicated by the label design and sound. It’s real primitive stuff with killer guitar and vocals; a perfect mix of Garage ethics and Bonehead. If anyone can locate a better copy of this single I would be forever grateful. The B side is a Hammond infused mellow Psych track, pleasant, but no more than that.

Hear a full version of Sit Down Honey


Mike Tobias said...

Robin - My dad Ralph Tobias was lead guitarist for Mourning Son (one of two that played on the Sit Down Honey record of which I have a copy as well). Yes, this was early 70s...the band was based in Lebanon, PA and actually had a couple of records before Sit Down Honey. Their first was "Make My Day" on the Arpeggio label which I thought was a cool Vietnam era-ish tune but didn't do much. Then they put out "Another Time" which went #1 on the Lebanon station with an incredible rockin' version of the oldie "Boney Maroney" on the B side. You can search "Another Time" out on Youtube to hear it. Anyway, that was a long time ago, but listening to these records makes it all come back. I remember seeing them play way back then as a dad played the "Where is Tomorrow" solo with a violin bow on his guitar. He also did his "Roll Over Beethoven" solo with that bow in live shows. Definitely something to see! Stan Blair was the lead singer and what an incredible voice he had! Good memories.

Ralph said...

That's my dad on the first solo. Unless I'm mistaken, the mellow tune ("Where is Tomorrow") is the A side, with "Sit Down Honey" on the B. I used to love listening to them play this at different venues on the east coast. My bro and I still kick it out when the opportunity presents itself. Any chance I can get a digital copy of this for posterity?

Anonymous said...

The lead singer Stan Blair is my cousin and he has just had cd copies made of the Mourning Son songs.
Another Time & Where is Tomorrow are included. I will inform him of this website for Mourning Son. Looking forward to receiving the cd.
I am currently listening to Another Time on youtube. The group changed their name to Rockwood later as I think most of the group members were from that area in PA.
Stan is also a cousin to band
member Bill Binner, if memory serves me correctly Bill was the
leader of the group.
Stan's son Jason is a drummer for
other bands and one of them is
Romance Fantasy, they opened up for the Killers. WTG Jason!
Loved reading the other comments,
thanks Robin and Ralph.
Let's keep good music goin'
Love ya Stan, Helen & family
from cuzin Pip

Robin Wills said...

Hi Pip, please ask your cousin if he has a spare copy of the single, as well as Make My would make my day...Best Robin

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,

I will let Stan know, haven't heard
from him yet. A lot going on right
now with family. Thanks for all
that your are doing to keep the band's music alive after all these
years. Talk to you soon.

Bill Binner said...

Hello,this is Bill Binner, Keyboardist for Mourning Son. Stan Blair is My Cousin and We just jammed last night. We might Get the Band back together with drummer, Gary Powell & the other lead guitarist, Terry Ristenbatt. I do have all the vinyls, but I think I gave all my extras away. Stan said the CD is just about finished.

sliesch said...

I have one of the Arpeggio singles as well. I would love to hear the CD with the rest of their stuff. Any unreleased tracks? Please tell us fans how to get a copy!

Pip said...

Hey, it's Pip again ha
Sorry to take so long with a reply Robin. Stan said he will
look for extra 45's.
I just recently got cd of 10 tracks of Mourning Son songs from my cousin Stan. It's great!
Trying to get a hold of him by
phone to get some info of how
others can get cd copy.
I don't want to publish address or
phone # without consent or ok.
and thanks Bill Binner for weighing in, nice to hear from
you. You guys practiced at our
farm house when I was just a lad.
Did Stan share with you the cd
I made of his Dad Miles.
How could you give your extra
vinyl away, don't you know that vinyl is still in ha ha.
Tell your bro. Bud hi
Til next chat session,take care Pip

Robin Wills said...

Hi Pip
you can always reach me via my email on my profile page

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 2015!
Did 2014 do a Rush "Fly by Night"lol
Has anyone else gotten a copy of
the cd of Mourning Son's songs
besides myself? Hope you all get
your copy. til next time-Pip

Drumming Uncut said...

This is Stan's son Jason. Please tell me that you in fact have a CD of my Grandfather! That would be priceless to me.

Pip said...

Hey Jason, hope you are well! Your Cd of your grandpa is on its way :D.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and may your Christmas be the same.