Friday, October 29, 2010

Misty –Resurrection Shuffle

Misty –Resurrection Shuffle/ Baby, I Love You –Princess 100 (197? US)

Hearing is disbelieving... words pretty much fail me on this one and the mind boggles how such a record could ever been released. It’s a cover (if that’s the right word) of the Ashton, Gardner and Dyke hit, but it goes somewhere else entirely. Now if you thought the A side was weird, wait until you hear the B side...It’s unsettling to say the least. You may consider yourself “lucky” as there are plenty of cheap copies of this one around. So come on –what do you make of it?

Hear a full version of Resurrection Shuffle

Hear a full version of Baby, I Love You


Collin said...

That b-side is beyond disturbing. ...even moreso given its origins! THINK ABOUT IT!

Pure Pop For Statutory Rape People!

Trudi Tangerine said...

I feel unclean.

Robin Wills said...

well wipe it off and move on to my boy lollipop

Trudi Tangerine said...

"My Boy Lollipop"... exactly. That's what I thought of too, and I've now been wandering around singing the 'Lollipop all day. Tell you what, I'm gutted "My Boy Lollipop" wasn't the boy JK, cos combine that with "Johnny Reggae" and that'd be some mighty teen-immortality right there.

So is anything known about Misty? If she's got any sense of decorum she'll be keeping her head down, like one of the Manson girls.

Robin Wills said...

Ain't got a clue, but I believe it's related to those song poem scams...send your lyrics and a payment . I guess in this instance it could have been a case of "if you have a recording we will release it and place it in the charts for you,for a fee..."

PHSStudiosRJ said...

Hi Robin,
Thanks for sharing all this music!

I would also make you a request: You have to repost the Singles:

Galahad – Rocket Summer/Elephant Stomp (1973 German issue)
Nimbus – Uriah’s On The Move/ Lollypop (197? German issue)

I'm also very rare single from 70's krautrock, would like to cooperate with the blog, if you're interested let me know. Ok

Rock On

Robin Wills said...

There are about 250 sound clips missing at the moment. At some point I will try and rectify this, but I only have about another 50 tracks on my PC, meaning I have to re-record the remainder...It will happen, but will take some time. Let me know what singles you are talking me

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Thanks Robin! - Jimi H.

Anonymous said...

Horrible vocals.

Robin Wills said...

but that kind of is the point isn't?

Tony said...

Thanks for this amazing single.

Side B seems to be trying for Ike & Tina Turner As Muppet Babies?

Well, you asked...

Charlie said...

There's something vaguely familiar about the vocs. Lydia Lunch anyone?

Robin Wills said...

More like Lydia throws up her breakfast before lunch