Friday, March 12, 2010

Nino Tempo –Boys Town

Nino Tempo –Boys Town (Where My Broken Hearted Buddies Go)/(Sing-A-Long) Boys Town –Tower 369 (1967 US)

Boys Town is a long time favourite making its appearance as I finally managed to upgrade my old copy after 15 years! Anyhow how to describe this one? Imagine a Carl Wilson sung Pet Sounds track produced by Phil Spector on a theme where a dumped male decides to forget about celebrating the unshackling and heads off to Boys Town instead “where a girl can’t hurt you anymore...” I guess Boys Town was the West Coast destination for the more “sensitive” types which must include one-time burly Spector aide Nino with empathy and support from his sister April. It is damn close to being a total masterpiece and one of the most impressive regal Spectorian productions of the 60s. The B side is the instrumental version and is just like listening to one of those Beach Boys outtake bootlegs and is a marvel itself.

Hear a full version of Boys Town

Hear a full version of Boys Town (Sing-A- Long)


Collin said...

This is really wimpy. This is like male Lesley Gore. ...which is NOT a bad thing. Gorgeous production.

Collin said...

Also, Petula Clark.


Robin Wills said...

Oh I guess looking for a good swap. It's just about g -vg, but there are audible clicks from a scratch.

todd said...

damn this is good