Monday, March 15, 2010

Josuha –Jenny

Josuha –Jenny/ Magic Carpet –CNR 14196 (1973 NL)

Now, here’s a real treat. No need to categorise this one, but needless to say that it fits right in on Purepop. Let’s start with the sleeve... Not sure if the Belle from the stud farm is the Jenny in question, but Richard De Bois and Peter van Asten (AKA Peter Bewley) could not have expected copies to fly off the shelves housed in a sleeve like this! The cover was one of the 100 Glam sleeves Jos and I featured at last April’s Utrecht Record Fair, but I never got to hear the damn thing until now!
Richard De Bois and Peter Bewley probably had a night off during Lemming production duties and let it all loose on Jenny and its B side. Jenny starts off in the mode of the sleeve at a trot but then the riff kicks in and the track turns into a fab Bubblegum/Rock tune with lyrics playing around with old chestnut (mare?) double-entendres about “going for a ride”...It’s all great fun and a top tune. Magic Carpet is nice n’ heavy and here they sing about the magical tripped out properties of cheap plonk. The track features a judicious use of Wah Wah and a feverish lead break. A top find and rare as ****

Hear a full version of Jenny

Hear a full version of Magic Carpet


Anonymous said...

Rare as **** indeed, but just as imporant: who the **** was Josuha ?? I can't find any clue anywhere. Is he dutch at all? In the intro he sounds like a drunk scandinavian... help, it's ****ing bugging me!
best, Jos

Vanilla Gorilla said...

Fantastic! I live for these mystery records!