Saturday, October 10, 2009

Micky Moonshine –Baby Blue

Micky Moonshine –Baby Blue/Baby Blue (instrumental) –Decca F13616 (1975 UK)
Originally released as the B side of the Northern collectable Name It You Got It (Decca F 13555), this issue is more of interest here as it also offers up a fun instrumental version as the B side. Micky Moonshine was in fact Scottish Beach Boy aficionado/artist Chris Rainbow and Baby Blue fits nicely within the Rock ‘N’Roll Revival/Glam crossover stylee (think Carl Simmons/ Mike Douglas with a sprinkling of Alvin Stardust). It’s has nice loud guitars and slide, a thumping beat along with a determined sounding lead vocal.

Hear a full version of Baby Blue


Collin said...

Yeah! It's like Alvin Stardust meets 'Spirit In The Sky!' I'm a sucker for chug-a-chug riffs.

Coop said...

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Trudi Tangerine said...

Ooh, I dunno: Chris Rainbow, really? Seems highly unlikely. My money'd be on it just being Paul Curtis, the songwriter - he was a bit of a singist too, when he wasn't day-jobbing writing a million songs a minute for Eurovision and what have you.

Robin Wills said...

I was a bit surprised by the Chris Rainbow connection. It seems though that he "came out" as Micky Moonshine in a Black Echoes interview in 1977...though I haven't seen the interview