Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brownsville Station –That’s Fine

Brownsville Station –That’s Fine/Same –WB 7501 Promo (1971 US)
That’s fine is a great raucous post 1st album single-only track from these Boy Room Smokers. Arranged by ex System leader Bob Seger; the track conveys a snarly Michigan Garage Punk feel -just check out those lo-fi cavernous drums that propel the cool double lead vocal performance (is that Bob Seger “duetting ” here)? The track and performance really reminds me of Steppenwolf’s Who Needs Ya from the previous year due to the vocal tradeoffs and similar chug/ melodic verse structure. It’s easy to forget just how great Brownsville Station could be and this single provides ample evidence that it is worth venturing beyond their classic Yeah! LP from 1973.

Hear a full version of That’s Fine


Vanilla Gorilla said...

Nice one, ya' beat me to it! The first album is damn good too, in a MC5-lite kinda way.

George said...

I like this one. I always liked Brownsville but I have never heard this track. thanks

Collin said...

Wow. New(s) to me! Sounds almost like late period Move with that bass chug-a-lug. Great!

Heavens2Murgatroid said...

I saw these guys on a bill with Slade once (with then-newbies Lynyrd Skynyrd opening the show). The place was about 1/3 full (Slade never got much traction in the USofA) but BS really got the audience going. To me, the records never captured what they could do live.