Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kenny Pickett –Got A Gun

Kenny Pickett –Got A Gun/ Same –Fbeat PRO 2 (1980 UK)

Recorded around the time when ex Creation members Kenny Pickett and Eddie Philips contributed the great Teacher Teacher on Rockpile's Seconds Of Pleasure LP. It seems that this promo only release was the only other opportunity they got on Fbeat. Kenny wrote the lyrics, Eddie wrapped the tune around the words and the results recall Brotherly Love’s Public Enemy No 1 with a bit of the chorus of Sweet’s Alexander Graham Bell thrown in. The sound is part Glam, part Powerpop and part late 70s Squeeze. It’s just a shame that Kenny and Eddie weren’t able to exploit the semi-success of Teacher Teacher with more tunes like this one as Got A Gun proves they had more to offer in a Powerpop Glam crossover mode.

Hear a full version version of Got A Gun here:


Anonymous said...

thanks again. this site never ceases to amaze me..The stud leather interview is awesome too.
also, found this for 12 bucks right after hearing it on here!! YEAH!

Anonymous said...

Anything Creation related is good for me. (Well, almost anything. Psychedelic Rose is nothing to shout about. On the other hand,Power Surge has a few tracks that rank with their best. But I digress.) How much Pickett/Philips stuff is out there? We never even got the Creation records in the US until fairly recently.

Robin Wills said...

Well there are a couple of Eddie (Eddy) Philips singles that came out in the mid 70s. The one on Casablanca -City Woman is better than the one on Charisma as far as I can remember...

EZE said...

Great song!!

Paul G said...

Great song and great find.

This may be of interest: I posted on my Barney Bubbles blog the appearance of the triangle and three interlocked circles on FBeat releases here:


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this one!
I'd been trying to find out who recorded this for the last 20-25 years.
I recorded it off of the radio (Radio 1!) back in the day, but the cassette mangled around 1984 or so, and i never did hear who recorded it, the dj mumbled the artist's name.
I recorded it from the saturday afternoon show that Tommy Vance used to do which would mainly focus on new album releases, so i was surprised to find that this was a single release and a demo issue at that!
No wonder i never found it.
After having a few searches on the 'net down the years i'd resigned myself to never hearing "Got A Gun" again.
Thanks soooo much again for making me a very happy chappie.