Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Peter Nelson –Good Scotch Whisky

Peter Nelson –Good Scotch Whisky/I Am A Ship –Peacock PEA 502 (1972 UK)

Time to dull your conscience with some Good Scotch Whisky... This is one of two solo singles released on Peacock by this ex Flower Pot Men and White Plains member. Good Scotch Whisky is a moody tale and a real atmospheric number helped no end by the murky production, cavernous toms and underlying fuzz guitar. There is a Peter Nelson who is currently Chairman of the distilling industry training committee, but sadly it’s not the same guy as our Peter Nelson passed away 3 years ago.

Click on title for a full version of Good Scotch Whisky

Oh and a happy New Year to all...Much more coming soon including: Cut Loose -The Stud Leather story, more on the Nederglam comp "Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet" plus tons more reviews and sound clips.

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You totally rule! Thanks for these unearthed gems - there is no other source, online or otherwise, as well-researched as yours!

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