Monday, December 29, 2008

The Garnets –Go Leila

The Garnets –Go Leila/ Go Leila (Choir Version)-Prom 6.11895 (1976 Belgium)

Go Leila is another fine piece of Mutant Euro Pop by these Flemish masters. It’s once again written (but not produced this time) by J. Vincent Edwards. It’s a fine follow up to Indian Uprising and Daddy’s Coming Home, but with added drama and a certain Michel Strogoff feel. This is especially true of its B side that sounds like it’s sung by the full Red Army Choir to quite an amazing effect. God knows what they were thinking of…The single was produced by Sylvain Vanholmen who also produced that great Paul Cass single Mini Marianne. It looks like The Garnets actually recut Go Leila in the mid 80s, but I can’t confirm if it is a Balalaika version or not…

Click on title for full versions of Go Leila AND Go Leila (Choir version) Over 6 minutes playing time!


Anonymous said...

Catchy as hell. Can't get it out of me 'ead.


Anonymous said...

Now here's a song for Scooter!
Hey Baxxxter! Are you listening!

Anonymous said...

You made my decade for me with this song. I bought the 7 single in 1976, went missing at a party.

Have been looking for this song for ages now, thanks very much.