Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pete Dunton –Taking Time

Pete Dunton –Taking Time/ Still Confused –RCA 42501 (1973 French issue)

Pete was the drummer With Freakbeat faves The Flies and Please. He was also in a late line-up of Gun before forming the Proggy T2.
This single came out in the UK on Rockfield and the production by Dave Edmunds is pretty spectacular. Dave was in the middle of his Spector recreations in the Rockfield barn at the time and the Welsh wizard pulls out all the stops on this single. Swamped in flange and chorus, Taking Time literally explodes during the instrumental breaks full of psyched out Banjo and unmistakable Dave Edmunds guitar interjections. The B side Still Confused sounds like Badfinger on mushrooms with a nice understated vocal performance from Pete Dunton.

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Anonymous said...

I've got to concur, this is one hell of a good single. You say Badfinger for the flip, I'd say Chris Bell/Big Star, but it's the top side that's the killer. it makes you wish Edmunds had spent more time cultivating this side of his career. Another Rockfield disc worth checking out is the last that came out with the deal they'd struck with RCA, Chuck Bedford's "Ray of Sunshine" (ROC 7). It's a pop song with high aspirations, but I can't hold that against it. The B-side is an innocuous blue-eyed soul number.Produced by Kingsley Ward.

While I'm here, I picked up my 4th Johnnie Ricco 45 recently, Run Around Sue/Scamp Stamp (Mooncrest). The top side is a glitter band style remake of the Dion classic, and no bad thing if that's what get's you moving, but it's the B-side you need to hear. Though the credits tell you it's an original, it's no more than an instrumental run through of the A-side's tune, but in its thumbs in belt loops giddiness, dumb repetitiveness, and a stupid number of false endings it has a glory all of its own. A great slice of youth club stomping. After Edmunds' Black Bill (the flip to I Hear You Knocking), this just might be my favorite instro.

Best, Peter

Robin Wills said...

Kingsley Ward is another Welsh legend, not only did he own Rockfield with his brother Charles, but his production skills were also top notch, he produced quite a few singles on RCA, UA etc...and is a lovely guy to boot...
Thanks for the Johnny Ricco tip!