Friday, October 05, 2007

Zipper –Gettin’ It On

Zipper –Gettin’ It On / Good Morning –Telefunken U 56333 (1974 German issue)

Tony Atkins and Gerry Morris strike again with these two left-of-field Glam Stompers. The A side is not as straightforward as first seems with its out there production, similar to Galahad’s Rocket Summer. The production on Good Morning is even more over the top and approaches near Experimental-Trans –Progressive -Glam with layers of backward guitars and snare effects. What a team!
BTW, this is not the Life of Riley mob, nor the band that issued Can Can (which reminds me, I should upload the cracking French Pic Sleeve of that one…). There’s also another Zipper on Youngblood from around the same time, but I can’t confirm any Atkins/Morris involvement there.

Click below for edits of Getting’ It On and Good Morning


Collin said...

...or Fred Cole's post-Lollipop Shoppe heavy fellas

Robin Wills said...

Yep, I had that one in my original text, but edited it out as I could only say "nor/or" so many times!