Monday, October 01, 2007

Hollywood Heroes – Caught In The Act

Hollywood Heroes –Caught In The Act/If You Don’t Know –Negram NG 669 (1974 Dutch issue)

Caught In The Act is a wonderful hybrid of a tune juxtaposing My Sweet Lord onto a rockin’ Summertime Blues beat with 10CC/ Beach Boys backing vocals and acoustic/Dobro slide. The single is perfectly produced by US Actor/Producer Steve Rowland better known for his production duties with Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich and to a much lesser extent Ace Kefford’s Rockstar single. It’s a total mystery as to who the Hollywood Heroes actually were, if they existed at all. Unless proved otherwise, it looks like the guy on the left in the hippy dippy floppy hat is Steve Rowland. The A side is written by Alan Hall, the B side by Ken Watson if that’s any help…Caught In The Act has all the necessary ingredients and really deserved to be a hit.

Click on title for a full version of Caught In The Act


Robin Wills said...

From Steve Rowland:

This was a pair of song writers that were introduced to me through Bob Bloomfleld. There was no actual band. I loved the song so I recorded it with the song writers singing and playing. Along with Albert Hammond and a couple of other guys, we sang the background harmonies. We all thought that the song was a hit.

KevB said...

While listening to this last night my friend pointed out that the song is a version of an early lindisfarne single "Court in the act",So the songwriting credit was probably a misspelling of Alan Hull.

Tony Ware said...

I was the guitarist in Ace Keffords Rockstar band, i think we recorded about six songs with Steve, it was IBC Studios in London, great days.