Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rockmore Williams –Lady Rock/ It Was Her

Rockmore Williams – It Was Her/ Same –Mooncrest Moon 6 (1973 UK)
Rockmore Williams –Lady Rock/ Same –Mooncrest Moon15 (1973 UK)

Mr. Williams, or Rockmore to his friends, unleashed these two gritty semi-Glam rockers into oblivion and probably didn’t release anything else using this pseudonym…He reminds me a bit of Peter D. Kelly and Lady Rock would have certainly been more than a suitable follow –up to Rock To The Jukebox. It Was Her has a neat descending horn riff à la Elected and you can nearly hear his medallion bouncing off his hairy chest…So who was Rockmore Williams?

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Anonymous said...

Rockmore Williams was my dad aka Steve Wolfe. He went on to write songs for Bonnie Tyler Lost in France and It's A Heartache. It Was Her is a classic! Great to hear it again. Thanks.

Robin Wills said...

Hey Thanks for the info...always great to hear more...