Saturday, November 13, 2021

Utrecht Record Fair November 2021 - The furtive fair

 What a few days this has been....

Finally home on Saturday night with my records and a nice cup of tea

As mentioned yesterday, the Utrecht record fair was cancelled before it could open to the general public on Saturday. Well many collectors had the 3 day pass meaning that most of the serious buying was done on Friday as per usual

But this November's fair was very different to the usual experience. I guess around 40% of the usual dealers weren't present this time. If you add Brexit to Covid it meant that at least 80% of UK dealers didn't come. It was not just dealers from across the divide, many Dutch, German and Belgian dealers didn't gamble and stall out although many were here as buyers...

Today I managed to get in around 9am. Many dealers had already left, but many more were open for business. 

Basically Jaarbeurs cancelled the fair a few hours before the Dutch government announced the lockdown. The fair could still have taken place on Saturday legally and it seems Jaarbeurs took the decision without consulting the organisers. I won't mention more, but  the implications of this could have major repercussions for the future

So today, I spent around 3 hours picking up some nice stuff, see below

I really hope this is not the end of the Utrecht Record Fair as a major international event, here's hoping that the Spring fair will take place...even if it is not in April


Graham said...

Sorry to hear that. I do hope that one day you get around to re-uploading many of the songs that are now lost.

Anonymous said...

I dig the Easybeats' acetate! What's the Zodiac label record in the previous post?


The Fabulous Fab said...

hello Robin
thanks for your very nice blog that help us to discover real great music
i was looking for the B side of the day'n night single " i just need somebody"
but the link doesn't work anymore as it was posted in 2009.
Can you help me ?
You are my last chance because i didn't find it anywhere !!!
Have a good 2022 year !!!!

Robin Wills said...

I am afraid all those old sound clips have been lost, so many laptops ago. However there are many really cheap copies on discogs