Friday, December 27, 2019

In-Sex – Alligator Wine -Heavy US Garage/Psych (1970)

In-Sex – Alligator Wine/ Action In The Street – Hammer Records H-3002 (US 1970)

With a bit of time off over Xmas, I have been able to revisit some purchases I hadn’t been able to delve into properly…and this one goes straight to the top of the pile. Alligator Wine was the 2nd and last single by In-Sex who are better known for Penitentiary Planet Blues/ Space Man…however this one blitzes all over their other effort. Their cover of Alligator Wine takes the essence of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, rolls it in grease with a heavy dose of lard before infusing it with amphetamine -laced psychedelics  for its glorious fuzzed-out finale…God this is simply mind-blowing


Hear a full version of Alligator Wine

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