Saturday, January 19, 2019

Zebra –Hey Girl –Top Spanish Glam (1974)

Zebra –Hey Girl/ To Dream On –Novola NOX-207 (Spain 1974)

Spain is not usually known as a land of predilection for Glam infused crackers. Rare examples include Burning, Norah (although Argentinian by birth) and Noel Sotto (Hello Hello) , so it was a nice surprise hearing this for the first time last summer in LA while on the way to a record store (thx Noah)

Hey Girl is not an outright Glam Cruncher, but has a Glitter Beat underlay over which streams a delightful melodic tune with many  neat touches such as the Smoke (My Friend Jack) guitar sound and Popsike harmonies. Hey Girl is a top tune and performance regardless of genre.

Zebra had pedigree as formed by ex Los Bravos members (who quit before this single) and had a quite a large output during their tenure from 1971 to 1976. 
I have not heard anything else by Zebra, but if there are any other gems in their catalog, it would be nice to know

Hear a full version of Hey Girl

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Robin Wills said...

From MC:
You said you'd like to know if there's more gems. Twas inspired to check Soulseek for more and found both a singles collection and their sole 1976 lp. Nothing as glammy is Hey Girl or To Dream On but lots of wonderful 70s melodic pop music, some soft pop and a bit of Mersey. Plus 2 of the singles are in Spanish. The lp reminds me quite a bit of Stories (Michael Brown). Definitely my fave discovery in a while, and for that muchos gracis!. Have always enjoyed Los Bravos & Los Brincos, but never expected to hear Spanish 70s California music.

If your interested, here's a link to what I found today. Decent bitrate/sound, tagged, with all the cover pics and some additional info/pics on the band I found.

Zebra - Singles (1972-1975)
Zebra - Zebra lp [1976]