Thursday, August 16, 2018

R. Black And The Rockin' V's - Such a Lovely Day – Unreleased Vanda & Young (1968)

R. Black And The Rockin' V's - Sorrowful Stoney/ Such a Lovely Day –Sunshine QK-2479 (1968 Aus)

As with The Birds based in Perth (who recorded on Clarion) who had a tenuous link to the UK Birds, Dave Rossall was from Blackpool; where Rev Black and the Rockin' Vicars (later Rockin' Vickers) were from, but formed his own Rockin' Vicars when joining The Finks upon his arrival in Australia. Interestingly 3 of the Rev. Black and The Rockin' Vicars featured then unreleased Vanda and Young compositions. The first of these, Down to The Last 500 actually fared quite well, but this follow-up sank without a trace. Such a Lovely Day only later appeared on the Easybeats Best of Volume 2 (1969) and was one the many demos recorded in Denmark Street during their UK sojourn. Such a Lovely Day is quite a faithful recreation of the Easybeats demo version and works well in a released single form. R. Black And The Rockin' V's released one more Vanda & Young composition “Walking and Talking” before splitting in 1969

Hear a full version of Such a Lovely Day

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